Friday, September 13, 2013

TC Swap

Swapped the transfer case in the jeep since I got a good deal locally and was something I was planning to do in the future since I've read up on it. Took about 14hrs total for me to do it solo. Had to run and get new hardware for bolting things back up since most of the bolts I had to remove snapped on me :( . 

Here's some info on the two transfer cases:
NP242: Full time transfer case used in XJ's and ZJ's. 2wd, 4 part time, 4 full time, and 4 low. The 4 full time feature is unique from the NP249 as it does not use a vicious coupler (what goes bad in the 249), but instead a mechanism that operates similar to an open differential.
NP249: Full time transfer case used exclusively in 93-98 ZJ Grand Cherokees with 4 full time and 4 low. The 249 utilizes a vicious coupler used in conjunction with the center differential found in the 242. This makes for very efficient, and very effective full time operation. 93-95 lack the ability to lock the center differential in 4 low, while a revised version in 96 changed this.

'Old' 249: Build date Apr 8, 1994 on the right.
'New' 242: Build date Sept 11, 1996 on the left

Next items will be tires; (31x10.5x15) Wrangler Duratracs w/ some basic rims (15x8) and JKS front track bar and quick disconnects.

As she sits currently.