Friday, March 29, 2013


Got a some new shoes on the way from Japan.

SSR SP1 in Super Black Chrome (SBC):

F: 18x10  +16
R: 18x10.5  +5

I think this is a huge upgrade over the Grids I have which are presently:

F/R:18x9.5 +38

They were effectively; +13F and 0R, with spacers so I can finally get rid of the massive spacers I had to use for the grids and finally run rims with almost perfect offsets. Just gotta wait 5 weeks now, which should arrive around my birthday!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

-1 +2

Sold the Celsior - Pretty sad to see her go but I got other cars that need some attention.
Insured the FD
Insured the 335i
Bought a AMS FMIC for the 335i

Couple of pix to compare stock to the AMS (Estamated gains: 20whp/25wtq)

Going to get a M3 front end for the bimmer then start modding the FD a bit. Starting with new wheel setup, then general maintenance, then on to paint, then tune.