Saturday, April 9, 2011

the other sibling

Since I'm garageless which to me is almost the same as homeless, I had to reach out and get some stuff done by a local shop Four Function. Calle and Dave are really good peoples, I usually have stuff done myself but If I ever need anything they are there to help and get the job done. I figured it was time to get the 335i out of winter mode, so I dropped it off at Four Function, they got my H&R Sport springs in and also gave my fenders a slight roll. The BBS CH's I got, fit the car perfectly, all I need is probably a couple degrees of neg camber front and rear and it will be perfect.

Next on the list is to fix the slight front end damage my bro caused, mount the MTech rear spoiler, mount OEM front splitters and black out the chrome.

Will have pics of the car when its clean and tidy.