Monday, April 18, 2011

new family member

So I brought in a new baby to my stable. 2009 Matte Grey Metallic Honda Ruckus, with 1km on the ODO so its literally brand new. This little guy is going to get the same treatment as the rest of my cars, I can't leave anything "stock". I got big plans, and already have a set route that I want to take. My buddy Rywatts got one too but in "Fight" Red, so we are going to build ours together.

Tight Fit!

I ordered some mods already for both of the "ruckii". It's pretty bad when I order parts when I didn't even own it yet, ahha! Me and Rywatts found these mods:

Turtlehead LED
The ORIGINAL TURTLEHEAD LED taillights feature the cleanest mount out, and one of the cheapest as well. Integrated signals. This is a very bright unit from the rear, yet very well hidden from all other angles. It includes the sealed LED assembly mounted to a CNC laser cut stainless bracket which is powdercoated black to blend with the seat base. It includes four aluminum rivets for super secure mounting. The end customer can also use screws if need be.

The DINGLEBERRY Plate mount is availible in satin black powder coat. It's a CNC aluminum body, with a powder black stainless plate bracket & stainless bolts. It covers all grind marks left from removal of the stock tail and really cleans things up. Beats the crap out of rattle can paint work & decal bandaids.

Thats it for now, after I think remove fenders and get a lower seat!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Went ahead and installed a CP-E Charge pipe with meth bungs and a Tial Q BOV. This was for a purpose, my boost was tapering off around 15-16 psi and the stock DV (Diverter Valves) were leaking. With the Tial it holds the boost so now I can make 18psi steady and more in the future. The meth bungs are good for the future if I do decide to boost more with the Procede V5. One thing that is kind of great is since the car is a automatic the BOV does not release it's pressure at all while at full throttle, so it's kinda rare for you to actually hear the BOV go, which is a definite plus in my books.

Sooo dirty :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fender liner woes

Looks like the H&R sport springs are too soft w/ the stock struts. I just placed an order on the KW V2 Coilovers got a unbeatable deal (our dollar being stronger helps too :D ) from Eric @ PYSpeed. With this I'll be able to go just as low but in turn will be able to stiffen up the dampers so the car won't bounce around too much. Even though I am modding the car I would like to keep it sensible, and not have shit rubbing or grinding. With the FD I could care less since it's kinda half of a track car and half of a street car.

I really wanted to build a new desktop computer but I guess I'll put that on hold for now :(.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I was kinda bored today and thought I'd put on my M-tech rear spoiler. Took about 10 mins to do it, most of the time was just getting it aligned perfectly. Got the spoiler from JB Speed they sell some pretty decent replica parts.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the other sibling

Since I'm garageless which to me is almost the same as homeless, I had to reach out and get some stuff done by a local shop Four Function. Calle and Dave are really good peoples, I usually have stuff done myself but If I ever need anything they are there to help and get the job done. I figured it was time to get the 335i out of winter mode, so I dropped it off at Four Function, they got my H&R Sport springs in and also gave my fenders a slight roll. The BBS CH's I got, fit the car perfectly, all I need is probably a couple degrees of neg camber front and rear and it will be perfect.

Next on the list is to fix the slight front end damage my bro caused, mount the MTech rear spoiler, mount OEM front splitters and black out the chrome.

Will have pics of the car when its clean and tidy.