Monday, November 1, 2010

New DD

The gold Accord served me well!

Say hellow to the new babe in the house:

CPO 2007 Jet Black BMW 335i


Mods so far: (Ok I know this is my DD but jeez I have to stand out!)

LUX 4.0 LED Angel Eye's
Blacked out front grill
2500K fogs


*Rebuilt 13B-REW – Extended Street Port
*2MM Rotary Aviation Apex Seals
*Blitz Sequential Boost Controller I-Color w/ Fuel Pressure Sensor
*PLX R-500 Datalogit, EGT and Wideband
*PLX 60MM Multigauge w/ EGT and Wideband Sensors
*Forcefed’s Turbo (GT40 Equivalent)
*Turbo Blanket
*T4 SS Manifold
*44MM Wastegate TIAL
*50MM Blow-off Valve TIAL
*HKS Twin Power Ignition and Harness
*Megan Racing Midpipe
*Racing Beat Resonator
*Kaaz 2 Way L.S.D
*Custom Charles7 Coil Pack Relocation W/ Upgraded MSD 8.5mm Wires.
*Exedy Twin Plate Carbon Clutch
*Fresh JDM 5spd Transmission
*3' RX-7 Store Downpipe
*Apex'i N1 Exhaust
*4’ Thick - Trust/Greddy 3Row Intercooler W/ Greddy Compression Elbow
*Fluidyne W/ Stock Electric Fans
*Billion Silicone Coolant Hoses
*AST Removal Mod
*Feed 1.2 Bar Rad Cap.
*KG Parts Primary Fuel Rail
*KG Parts Secondary Fuel Rail
*850cc Injectors x2 (Primary)
*1680cc injectors x2 (Secondary)
*Aeromotive FPR
*Greddy Airpump Delete Pulley Set
*Battery Relocated To Hatch
*Greddy Oil Catch Can
*2x Walboro 255lph Fuel Pumps
*Microtech LT8s Standalone/Fuel Management
*Custom Starburst Powder Coating.
*Dual R1 Oil Coolers w/ SS Braided Lines

Suspension, Rims and Rubber:
*Tien EDFC
*Tien Type Flex Coilovers
*Re-Amemiya SwayBar Mounts/Reinforcement Bar
*Racing Beat Front Sway Bar
*Racing Beat Rear Sway bar
*R1 Front RX-7 Strut Bar
*Hawk HP+ Pads Front and Rear
*Custom Reinforced and Cryogenically treated PPF
*Solid Polyurethane Engine Mounts
*Attain Urethane Differential Bushings
*Rota Grids:
*FRONT: 18x9.5 +38
*REAR: 18x9.5 +38
*Kuhmo Ectsa XS
*FRONT: 245/40/18
*REAR: 275/35/18
*Rays Duralunium Lug Nuts.

*JDM Trust/Grex/Greddy Shift Knob
*RE-Amemiya Wet Carbon Scuff Plates
*M2 Racing Roll/Harness Bar
*Greddy Turbo Timer
*Mostly all new 93 Interior Plastics
*Fly RX-7 Custom Quad 60mm Gauge Pod
*JDM Arm Rest
*Defi BF Link Gauges (Amber): Boost, Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pres.
*Keys Racing Steering Wheel (Buckskin)
*Pioneer Touchscreen DVD Player
*Stock Bose Speakers and Sub

*Genuine Fujita Engineering (FEED) AFFLUX Front Bumper Version 2 Type R
*Shine Auto Feed Replica Front and Rear 25mm Overfenders
*OEM 1999 Bumper Lights
*Shine Auto Feed Replica Carbon Canards
*Shine Auto Front Carbon Undertray
*Shine Auto Feed Replica FRP Sideskirts
*Re Amemiya CF Taillight Cover
*10,000k McCulloch HID Driving Lights (Rice!)
*Shine Auto Sanai works Replica Rear Carbon Diffuser
*Feed Front and Rear Tow Hooks

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Cars been parked for awhile now. House is down for a full renovation so my garage was nullified. Will be grabbing the car and doing some normal maintenance. Took the Accord in yesterday for a full long needed tune up. Thinking about trading her in for a Fit lulz. Will clean up the FD this weekend and snap some pics. She needs some lovin.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dave @PerfectStance just put my car up as a feature. Wooooo! Check it out HERE.

Big ups to Dave, have been following his site for a long time, and it's growing fast!

Dave Mann of Team Limit...funtastic shot of my car, check out his teams blog HERE

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sold my PLX R-500 to a good friend for his project rb26 s14 and just ordered up my new PLX DM-100 with the Wideband and EGT sensor modules. I've always loved my R-500 super legit, tons of features, but it was just  to bulky. I was going to opt for the 60mm DM-200 gauge from PLX but I figure a nice small 52mm would be better and give me more areas to mount it. Should be here in a week or so. Will update as soon as I get it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clean up

Tore into the car again was fed up with the dirt built up in the engine bay. Also gives me a chace to get some parts powder coated :). Ordering some new toe links soon since my current ones are fubard. Will post pix once the parts are back from coating.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Props to Cole Chalmers ( took some DOPE shots of my car @ the KCL cruise!


Thanks to "shon" on KCL for taking these pics @ our annual Kelowna Car Life meet.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Kits mocked on! Great help from Anthony Evans a great friend, couldn't appreciate his help enough! He's currently working to get the car looking perfect. I'm giddy with excitement haha!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Been real busy, the FD's been parked since september. Got a couple new plans in o' 10.

Feed front and rear wider fenders.
Repaint of the factory Montego Blue.

Will keep ya posted.